BIFA Budapest International Foto Awards 2020


All This Love (series) wins Silver and "Lilly and Waltraud" (single from All This Love) wins Bronze

in the People Category



The Human Portrait Online  Exhibition

Juror Jennifer Spelman


Dallas Center For Photography, Texas, US

December 2020-January 2021 



Irene and Günter Part I from All This Love

International Photography Awards/IPA 2020:


Farewell Sonata 


Jury Top 5 selected by Stephen Perloff:


"This is a sweet, tender, and loving story of those coping with old age and dementia of various kinds. These are the people Donald Trump and many Republicans like Dan Patrick want to sacrifice for the sake of the economy in the United States, while letting the pandemic rage. It is a fool's errand as there is no hope for the economy until the virus is brought under control." Stephen Perloff (founder and editor of The Photo Review, US)

International Juried Exibition: Finding The Light

Laura Moya (Photolucida)


Winter Morning


Photo Place Gallery

Middlebury, Vermont, US

December 31, 2020 - January 21, 2021


"Winter Morning" from Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man

International Juried Online Exhibition


A Show of Hands


in Don’t Take Pictures Magazine


"Untitled" from Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man

was selected as one of 50 images by the editors.



gallery page  

"Untitled" from Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man

International Open Call: Narratives

 Juror Sandrine Hermand-Grisel


Director’s Choice Award for "Irene and Günter" 


Praxis Gallery & Photographic Arts Center

Minneapolis, Minnesota, US


International Photography Awards/IPA 2020: 

Honorable Mention in People/Children


Ezra, Competing With Himself


Portrait of my 15-year old son during the nationwide first lockdown in Germany 


International Photography Awards/IPA 2020:


Farewell Sonata 


3rd Place in

Deeper Perspective/Deeper Perspective (non-professional)


International Open Call


February 2021 Exposure International Photo Festival, Canada


Juror MaryAnn Camilleri (Magenta Foundation)


"Lilly and Waltraud" from my series All This Love has been selected and will be shown at Contemporary Calgary, the former Centennial Planetarium and now a world-class gallery dedicated to modern and contemporary art: 

Exposure Photography


Photo Oxford 2020 International Open Call 


"Women and Photography: Ways of Seeing and Being Seen: 

Female Identity  in front of the lens and behind it.


"Lilly and Waltraud II from the series All This Love" is the First-Place-Crowd-Vote-Winner! 


"Nila and Engelbert" from All This Love received an "Expert Commended" from the international panel. 


330 Photographers from the UK, Europe, USA, Australia and Asia took part,

submitting 1,055 entries, with their works attracting 153,332 public votes.


At  OVADA Gallery Oxford "Lilly and Waltraud II" are part of a group exhibition of 40 winning

and shortlisted photographs, twenty chosen by the Photocrowd’s community

and twenty selected by the panel of expert judges. 


Oxford Photo Festival runs from 16th October until 16th November: 

View the online exhibition here

© Uwe Ackermann

Portrait of Humanity Award 2020


As part of the Global Tour my image "Irene and Günter" is displayed at the

Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center Budapest.

The exhibition is on view until October 11, 2020.

All images © Capa Center


Grateful for the opportunity to present my ongoing project All This Love to The Simple Press, a young and ambitious online-publication run by students from around the world that is dedicated to sharing everybody’s perspective, bringing unheard narratives into the mainstream media.


Thank you Shola Lee, editor-in-chief.



Selected as 2020 Critical Mass Top 50 Photographer (USA)


based on my work Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man.



Prix de la Photographie Paris (Px3) 2020

  1. Silver Portraiture/Other: "Irene and Günter" from All This Love
  2. Bronze Fine Art/People: "Irene and Günter" from All This Love 
  3. Bronze Portraiture/Personality: "Past, Present, Future" from Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man
  4. Honorable Mention Fine Art/Personality Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man (series) 

 International Open Call: The Budapest Diary Art Gallery


 What’s The Story? - Authenticity and Intimacy


 Group Exhibition in Barcelona, 2021

"Snowfall" from Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man 



 "Irene and Günter" is a winner of Portrait of Humanity Award 2020!


See all 30 winning single images here:

Series winners here:


 British Journal of Photography article: announcing-the-winners-of-portrait-of-humanity-2020


 The Guardian, Wellcome Photography Prize 2020 shortlist feature



The Wellcome Photography Prize (Wellcome Trust), UK  


has shortlisted Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man out of 7500 submitted photographs from 127 countries

in the Mental Health (series) category!  


Wellcome promotes provocative visual stories avoiding stereotypical perspectives and cliché

about the health challenges of our time:  View shortlist 

Monovisions Photography Awards 2020 


Farewell Sonata received an Honorable Mention



My image "Irene and Günter" from the series All This Love 


is on the shortlist of Portrait of Humanity


 The 200 shortlisted images will be featured in the Portrait of Humanity book, Vol.2,

 published by Hoxton Mini Press that can be ordered here portrait-of-humanity-vol-2

AAP Magazine "Special Edition All About Photo Awards 2020"


Beautiful publication of my finalist image "Past, Present, Future"

(from Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man) 


 MIFA 2020 - The Moscow International Photo Awards ( Editorial - Photo Essay)


Farewell Sonata received an Honorable Mention




Head On Portrait Awards  (Head On Photo Festival, Australia) 2020


"Emotional Seismograph" was selected as a semi-finalist 


This lady in the nursery captured my heart at once. She looked fragile and beautiful, even more when falling asleep during the animal-assisted therapy. She obviously felt comforted by the  chicken’s presence that translated her emotions. Animal-assisted therapy uses the genetically caused symbiotic connectedness between animals and humans to obtain physical and emotional well-being, it cannot be replaced by technic.   



6th Fine Art Photography Awards 2020 Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man (series of 5)

was selected as a nominee in the category "People" (amateur)



Portraits-Hellerau Photography Award 2020


Farewell Sonata (series of 12) is a finalist and displayed 

at the finalist’s group exhibition  at Technisches Museum Dresden



Don’t Take Pictures 


featured my image "Past, Present, Future" as

Picture of the Day


Kat Kiernan, editor-in-chief






Siena International Photo Awards 2019


Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man 


was awarded "Remarkable Artwork" in the category "storyboard". 


Out From the Mist - Photographic Representations of Mental Health 2020


"Winter Morning" from Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man is on the shortlist

and exhibited at the ABC Building Brisbane, Australia.


 Felix Schoeller Photo Award 2019 


Nomination as one of five finalists in the 

Best Work by an Emerging Photographer Category



Hahnemühle’s International Student Photo Competition 2019


Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man was shortlisted

and featured in the Fine Art Printer e-magazine 01/2020 




Portraits-Hellerau Photography Award 2019


 All This Love (Irene and Günter) is a finalist

and displayed at the finalist’s group exhibition at Pumpenhaus Dresden. 




PhotoNews - Portfolio 02/19 - Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man