The French non-profit organization 

Le Petit Frères des Pauvres 


has published eight images from  

All This Love and The Long Farewell!


Their annual report 2022 is about Intimacy & Sexuality of elderly people. 


A deep report with qualitative and quantitative research. I was delighted to work with them.


Cover Photo by ©Amy Teel (@truth_honored)

"Wow - Worlds of Women" Exhibit/Trieste Photo Days 2022


 with my image Lilly and Waltraud part II (All This Love) exhibited and four images of this series published in a book.




WOW: Worlds of Women is a collective photographic tribute to women.

project with a heterogeneous style that focuses on women, the female figurematernitygender inequalities,

social strugglesnon-compliant femininity workcultureart and all photographic works capable of launching

an original look on the life of women in the four corners of the world.




GEO Wissen

02/2022, S. 12-13, photo essay "Nila and Engelbert from All This Love".

Many thanks to photo editor Katrin Trautner from GEO and

- for the interview with Nila -

to writer Diana Laarz.



 Storyteller Exhibition

09. April - 30. April 2022


Decode Gallery


Tucson, Arizona, US





was invited

to be a contribution to the


 European Journal of Life Writing!


An interdisciplinary open access journal that provides a forum for work

in the field of all forms of life narratives,

with contributions ranging from conceptual to practical and creative work.


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