World Alzheimer's Day

21. September 2023

Exhibition of Farewell Sonata in Bremen Blumenthal

 Gisela Mückley (85), the series' surviving protagonist, and myself talking about the series, our friendship

and her unexpected happiness with her new partner.





Oxford-based writer and photographer

Etain O'Carroll 


Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man




Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man


Oxfordshire County Library 
 (Also at JR Hospital exhibition space from 13 May 2023)


15 April 14.00: artist’s tour (drop-in); 

13.00 - 15.45: Dementia Oxfordshire advisors available with information and advice;

26 April, 10.30 - 12.00 Dementia Cafe with Dementia Oxfordshire (drop-in) 

Mirja Maria Thiel tells the life of Fritz Dressler (1937-2020), a professional photographer and university professor, who suffered from Alzheimer’s in the final years of his life. Photographed over more than two years, the black and white series is committed to the emotional reality of the charismatic protagonist, including  images taken by Fritz himself. Supported by The Arts Society Oxford.


© Siân Davey, 'Alice and Paddy Blow Bubbles, 2022'






The French non-profit organization 

Le Petit Frères des Pauvres 


has published eight images from  

All This Love and The Long Farewell!


Their annual report 2022 is about Intimacy & Sexuality of elderly people. 


A deep report with qualitative and quantitative research. I was delighted to work with them.


Cover Photo by ©Amy Teel (@truth_honored)

"Wow - Worlds of Women" Exhibit/Trieste Photo Days 2022


 with my image Lilly and Waltraud part II (All This Love) exhibited and four images of this series published in a book.




WOW: Worlds of Women is a collective photographic tribute to women.

project with a heterogeneous style that focuses on women, the female figurematernitygender inequalities,

social strugglesnon-compliant femininity workcultureart and all photographic works capable of launching

an original look on the life of women in the four corners of the world.




GEO Wissen

02/2022, S. 12-13, photo essay "Nila and Engelbert from All This Love".

Many thanks to photo editor Katrin Trautner from GEO and

- for the interview with Nila -

to writer Diana Laarz.



 Storyteller Exhibition

09. April - 30. April 2022


Decode Gallery


Tucson, Arizona, US





was invited

to be a contribution to the


 European Journal of Life Writing!


An interdisciplinary open access journal that provides a forum for work

in the field of all forms of life narratives,

with contributions ranging from conceptual to practical and creative work.


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