July 2020:


  • The Wellcome Photography Prize (Wellcome Trust) who promotes provocative visual stories avoiding stereotypical perspectives and cliché about the health challenges of our time

  has shortlisted Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man in the Mental Health (series) category! 


View shortlist 

June 2020:

  • Portrait of Humanity 2020  (British Journal of Photography/ 1854) - my image "Irene and Günter" from the series All This Love is on the Shortlist of Portrait of Humanity

The 200 shortlisted images will be featured in the Portrait of Humanity book, Vol.2, published by Hoxton Mini Press that can be ordered here portrait-of-humanity-vol-2

And they will be exhibited in Space by Sent Into Space and transmitted through the universe in binary code. 

Beautiful publication of my finalist image "Past, Present, Future" (from Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man) in AAP Magazine "Special Edition All About Photo Awards 2020".



  • Farewell Sonata was awarded a Honorable Mention at MIFA - The Moscow International Photo Awards in the category Editorial - Photo Essay

May 2020: 

  • Head On Portrait Awards (Head On Photo Festival, Australia) "Emotional Seismograph" was selected as a semi-finalist  

This lady in the nursery captured my heart at once. She looked fragile and beautiful, even more when falling asleep during the animal-assisted therapy. She obviously felt comforted by the  chicken’s presence that translated her emotions. Animal-assisted therapy uses the genetically caused symbiotic connectedness between animals and humans to obtain physical and emotional well-being, it cannot be replaced by technic.  



April, 2020:

  •  6th Fine Art Photography Awards 2020 Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man (series of 5) was selected as a nominee in the category "People" (amateur)

February, 2020: 

  •  Portraits-Hellerau Photography Award Farewell Sonata (series of 12) is a finalist and displayed at the finalist’s group exhibition at Technisches Museum Dresden: finalisten-ausstellung

October, 2019:  

  • Siena International Photo Awards - Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man was awarded "Remarkable Artwork" in the category "storyboard". 


  •  Out From the Mist - Photographic Representations of Mental Health - "Winter Morning" from Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man is on the shortlist and exhibited at the ABC Building Brisbane, Australia.


September, 2019: 

  •  Felix Schoeller Photo Award – Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man was awarded one of five finalists in the Best Work by an Emerging Photographer) Category:


June, 2019: 

  • Hahnemühle’s International Student Photo Competition – Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man was shortlisted and featured in the Fine Art Printer e-magazine 01/2020: Special: Finalists Hahnemühle Student Photo Competition 


February, 2019:

  • PhotoNews - Portfolio - Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man

January, 2019:

  • Tokyo International Foto Awards - Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man

October, 2018:

  • IPA International Photography Awards 2018 - Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man

July, 2018:

  • Monovisions Photography Awards - Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man

June, 2018:

  • World.Report Award/Documenting Humanity - Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man is shortlisted for the Student Award